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We are preparing to replace the borough’s standard streetlights with new, energy efficient LED lamps which is due to commence in January and February.


SSE Enterprise Contracting has been presented a Silver RoSPA award


920 Years of Service


Knowsley Street Lighting and Traffic Signs PFI


RoSPA Gold Award for SSE Contracting


There will be a reduction in energy, carbon emissions and maintenance activities.

The benefit of using LED light sources is positive, as they do not contain mercury which would otherwise be added to the environment when the lamp is disposed. They are also extremely energy-efficient and their life is exceptionally long - cutting down on both energy and maintenance whilst reducing light pollution into homes and the night sky.

As part of the upgrade process, the existing lamp columns will undergo the following works:

  • Removal of existing street light,
  • Mounting of new street light,
  • Electrical test of lighting column,
  • Synchronisation with the remotely-managed lighting network – the new lights may operate continuously for up to 72 hours whilst they synchronise.